THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Baeble NEXT Session With Beach Slang
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 04, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Maybe it's the weather (it's definitely the weather), but today I found myself reminiscing hard. About what you may ask? The answer is literally any other time in my life when it felt like the world wasn't going to end in 50+ mile-per-hour winds and a relentless, driving blizzard.

    So naturally, being a Jersey Shore kid, my mind wandered to scenes of the beach, and then of course, scenes of Beach Slang's James Alex serenading us during an intimate Baeble NEXT Session. It wasn't even a full year ago that Alex stopped by, but it feels a world away. Back then we weren't worried about things like the threat of nuclear war or forgetting to buy groceries before getting snowed in for several days. Instead, our priorities were focused on getting our beach bod ready with six packs of the cheap stuff, and finding out where Alex shops for his bow ties.

    It was a different time, a better time, and certainly a warmer one, made all the more cozy by Alex's intimate solo acoustic set. While Beach Slang is best known for their frenetic and daring punk-infused sound, their catalogue is equally impassioned and powerful as a stripped down, unplugged set. Take two bits Bruce Springsteen and one bit Title Fight, add a dash of raspy vocals for taste, and you get Beach Slang's uplifting, fuzzed-out sound. It's an emotional punch that plays like a lullaby, and a perfect cure for the mid-winter blues.

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