Future Has Removed All Of His Past Instagram Posts
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    The What A Time To Be Alive rapper, Future Hendrix, has wiped his Instagram clean and we're hoping this means a new project is on the way. Future has been making big moves with the recent release of "Buy Love" and "That's A Check", featuring fellow Epic Record rapper Rick Ross. Shortly after erasing his instagram feed future sent out two cryptic tweets that give us hope that the moves will keep coming:

    Deleting an Instagram feed is a bold move for a huge artist like Future, but I can think of a few other artists who should follow this trend.

    Soulja Boy

    I'm having my way ??

    A photo posted by Soulja Boy (@souljaboy2017) on

    Soulja boy had a rough end to his year as he beefed with just about every rapper imaginable. His Instagram has been the center of all this controversy as he went after rappers like Offset, Chris Brown, and Lil Yachty. He went as far as posting a screenshot of his net worth, which he has since deleted. Soulja, maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf in 2017.


    Okay. Maybe this is just me, but if I see one more photo of their snappy matching outfits, smiling with their snarky a capella grins, I will have to delete my own Instagram. Like honestly, they look like little robots and by far the last people I would ever want to run into on the street.

    Miley Cyrus

    ????????YUP! ????????

    A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

    No matter how much you tell us that you smoke, we're still gonna remember you as Hannah Montana. Just give it a break. *mic drop*

    Taylor Swift

    That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

    A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    I'm still not over the clap-back heard round the world. Taylor you got caught being a snake, just take the "L" and move on. We're also sick of seeing your model friends and your perfect little parties, be a human for once. Oh and also... delete your Instagram.

    If any of these artists need a soundtrack for their social media rebirth, Lil Uzi Verts got 'em covered.

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