13 Emerging Acts You Need to Discover Before Attending Coachella 2017
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    2017 just started, but it looks like Coachella couldn't wait to unveil their lineup for this year. We still need time to recuperate after all of our festival adventures last summer, but it looks like the anticipation of this A-List show is going to speed up the recovery process. There are the obvious gems like Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Beyonce, and Bon Iver, but there are also a lot of other really great emerging artists that you might not be familiar with just yet. Personally, I love to explore all of the artists I don't know before I attend a festival so I don't look back after they get huge and think, "damn, if only I knew who they were before, I could've seen them already." So, to spare you from all of that regret, here are 13 emerging acts you should familiarize yourself with before you hit the dusty, fashion-filled battlefield that is Coachella.

    1. Jagwar Ma

    This Australian trio is awesome to see live because, although they are considered to be indie alternative, they make whatever venue they're in feel like a cool AF nightclub.

    2. Sampha

    You've probably heard Sampha's voice before - on a SBTRKT or Solange song. As a solo artist, he is severely underrated, but with the release of his new album Process, that will all change very soon.

    3. Joseph

    You almost don't think it'd be possible for three singers' voices to sound so perfect together - especially live - but then Joseph prove it's totally possible. Not one, not two, but three powerhouse vocalists are put together to perform the most mind-numbingly gorgeous harmonies.

    4. BROODS

    If you like Lorde, then you will love BROODS. A lot of their songs were co-written by the New Zealand singer, but have those extra duo benefits.

    5. The Lemon Twigs

    With the recent release of their debut LP, Do Hollywood, these guys are slowly but surely rising above all of the others. With a certain theatricality that Freddie Mercury would be proud of, analog-sounding production, and dramatic guitar and piano riffs, they create music that sounds retro, but also manages to be refreshingly new.

    6. Kaleo

    This Icelandic band is nothing short of amazing. That classic rock sound mixed with a soulful touch will make you swoon no doubt - especially live.

    7. Mitski

    I think I've made my love for Mitski clear enough this last year or so. And after seeing her live myself, I can confirm that she puts on one killer rock show. Just do yourself a favor and go.

    8. Arkells

    Arkells headlined one of our Bands + Brews shows this past summer and it was awesome. You could see it yourself above. Missing this act would be a mistake.

    9. Bishop Briggs


    10. Shura

    If you're into Tegan & Sarah's latest material, then you're going to love London pop singer-songwriter Shura. Her set is going to be super fun and will allow for plenty of dancing.

    11. Twin Peaks

    And speaking of fun sets with lots of dancing... This is Twin Peaks. They're an indie rock band from Chicago and I can honestly say they put on one of my favorite sets of Bonnaroo 2016. And I saw a lot of awesome acts that weekend. Just sayin'.

    12. Pond

    Consisting of members from Tame Impala, Pond is clearly a very underrated band right now. They have a similar psychedelic sound, so if you're into Tame Impala, one of the hottest bands right now, you'll probably dig this.

    13. Caveman

    Caveman is one of the most satisfying bands to listen to. They have everything you need - fresh melodies, clean vocals, arena-ready guitars and synths... What's not to love? Maybe if you're into Broken Bells, you'll be into this.

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