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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 04, 2010

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    The first full week of 2010 promises to be everything we thought: full of sobriety, recession reunions, and newly minted gym memberships. Us? No, we're not going to start lifting weights or taking step classes (what are we, your mom?). We're excited to be back in the Baeble house, listening to our favorite songs and delivering our favorite puns to your figurative doorstep, wherever it happens to be turned on (get it? Computers). But first, lets take a look at the first weekend of the year and what happened.

    • Soundgarden announced a reunion at midnight on NYE. Dramatic! The band hasn't played together since 1997, but a Chris Cornell tweet suggested the dry spell for fans is over. To borrow a phrase, the new "recession chic" appears to be getting the band back together... in order to pay for a new boat, or something. [via Billboard]

    • Music producer Demetrius Lee Stewart, aka Shawty Redd, was accused of murder. The producer is famous for working with most notably Snoop Dog and Young Jeezy. It looks like the naughties trend of hip-hop criminology will continue into the tens. Although technically the murder happened last decade.[via The AJC]

    • Neil Gaiman (of Sandman fame, and other stuff) wrote and directed a new video featuring musician (and Gaiman girlfriend) Amanda Palmer. We like her. And we like him. Originally aired on the BBC, but now for your Monday morning pleasure via interweb. Also starring Davy Jones Bill Nighy. [via Pink Is The New Blog]

    Drink up that coffee. - joe puglisi

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