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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 04, 2010

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    Spencer Krug (aka Moonface) delivers a twenty-minute dreamland full of marimba and drums (as the title would suggest, although far from "sh*t"). Fans of Krug's work (in all of its various incarnations) will no doubt enjoy the trippy, fanciful journey crafted on marimba, which despite being one long track, travels from several different motifs and variations on the initial theme. Skeptics and people who find Wolf Parade pretentious should take a few steps back and try to enjoy something totally raw and somewhat unfiltered; the entire EP never reaches a level of layering higher than Krugs voice, marimba and drums, and/or some minor effects processing. The simple combination actually elicits a good deal of fun while listening, like an acoustic appetizer to a full-sound record (more than likely due later this year from Wolf Parade).

    Dreamland explores a bunch of dreams Krug wrote down and set to music, and despite having a distinctly hazy feel, the melody writing is as clear and concise as you'd expect from the Wolf-man. However, this applies only to Krugs vocal lines. I'll admit, the marimba does get a big bogged, especially if you don't like marimba. In fact, I should have started with WARNING: THERE IS A SH*T TON OF MARIMBA GOING ON HERE! It seems obvious, but even I didn't realize the whole thing would be one giant marimba piece with some occasional lyricism and drums for flavor.

    It's kind of nice, though. The marimba arpeggios give the entire thing an existential cloud-hopping feeling, which I think definitely colors the music the right way for a dream. The circular motifs that change, morph and repeat also contribute to this idea of dreamscaping. Crafting a somewhat uncomfortable repeating marimba line to pepper the drums booming in and out, Krug observes what he sees through cryptic lyrics, and it winds up being a really fun listen. You know, despite the obvious hurdle of believing someone can release a twenty minute track of marimba with the endgame of being taken seriously. But if you were going to craft an EP like this, wouldn't you want the instrument that sounds most like a waking dream?-joe puglisi

    MP3: "Dreamland"

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