J.Lo-Inspired Outfits For Your Next Tinder Date
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2018

    • Posted by: Piera Lolandes

    Someone's said it before: "To get dressed as Jennifer Lopez is to get dressed without fear." The woman can literally wear anything - or in some cases not much at all - and kill it! Like many celebrities nowadays, she has a stylist, hair, and makeup artist to contribute to her killer style but you can't deny that she can possibly do it all on her own. She even had her own clothing line at one point of her career. Easy to forget as she has accomplished a lot since we first met her as Selena Quintanilla in the movie Selena, honoring the late singer.

    Her unapologetic style has definitely caught our attention and that makes her the perfect candidate to inspire our everyday outfits. And nothing screams everyday struggle when getting ready like a Tinder date, because let's face it, you probably have one or two to attend this week. Whether you're looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, everyone likes to make a good first impression. And no, you don't need to have her famous curves to be able to pull these outfits off. Let's hope this inspires you to not only dress with confidence, but also leave your Tinder date behind if he isn't what you were expecting, because that's what J.Lo would do. *flips hair*

    Casual/Daytime Date

    These outfits are perfect if you're meeting for the first time over coffee, a quick lunch, or walk in the park. Either way, you're bound to find something similar in your closet. If you live in New York, then your shoe box of a closet or capsule wardrobe.

    Jennifer Lopez Jlo

    If you live in a colder climate, this outfit is going to keep you warm while still looking cute. The knee high boots, which are very much in style, will keep your legs warm as will any turtleneck or long sleeve shirt. If you choose to stay with the same color scheme, you can pair this look with any color parka or coat and you're set.

    Jennifer Lopez jlo
    Many shy away from wearing a Canadian tuxedo, but not J.Lo. This outfit can easily be pulled off by ensuring that you wear two different jean washes. It doesn't have to be a major difference -- it can be as subtle as what she's wearing. You can opt to wear heels, to keep the look chic, or sneakers, to make it more casual. Pair with a bright lip to add some color.

    Here in New York, the baggy pants and oversized look is in. Just make sure to not pair too many oversized items together at once, otherwise you might end up with a homeless look. In this outfit, the pants are slightly oversized which lets the flow-y coat bring the outfit together. You can keep the casual booties with a bit of a heel or switch to sneakers. Throw on some jewelry to add more of your personality to the look.

    Happy Hour/Early Dinner Date

    The following options are perfect for when you're meeting your date for happy hour drinks or an early dinner. This is probably the most common time to meet a Tinder date because it's not too early in the day or late enough for you to have to commit to spending the rest of your night with this person.

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    If you don't wish to wear white jeans like her, I suggest you wear a black pair of pants/jeans to keep the look a bit more night time. I'd stay away from actual jeans, especially a light wash. Definitely pair with a Balmain inspired blazer to make the outfit.

    Jennifer Lopez jlo
    This outfit is very casual and easy to achieve. Depending on what pants you choose to wear, the cardigan can be the staple piece. Big/fluffy cardigans have been in style this winter and paired with cute office style pants, you can easily transition this from a work to nighttime look.

    Jennifer Lopez Jlo
    This look is a bit more daring to pull off. It's more of a summer time look but can easily be altered to fit any season. The whole point of this outfit is to show a little more personality thanks to the color. Orange won't suit every skin tone so I suggest you choose a color that will compliment your skin tone. You also don't have to wear the color from head to toe. You can keep the color on the top or bottom and pair with black or any other neutral color. The use of a color in your outfit will ensure you're not overlooked or easily forgotten by your date.

    Sexy/Night Dinner Date

    This is for when you're willing to pull all the stops and look hot AF. Simple as that.

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    J.Lo is wearing a Balmain lacy jumpsuit in this image, but you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the same look. Zara and ASOS have similar jumpsuits that you can purchase. If Jumpsuits aren't your jam, you can easily pair a top and pants with the same kind of material to give the illusion of a jumpsuit. The lacy material keeps the look very sexy as it allows your skin to peek through.

    Jennifer Lopez Jlo
    This look is sexy yet sophisticated, thanks to the oversized blazer and the top that allows skin to show. Nothing wrong with all the black as it allows the outfit to remain chic. Keeping the hair up adds more of a sophistication and it will make you look more put together. You can also switch things up by wearing a high-rise skirt with this look rather than pants.

    This last look is all about the legs. Any body-hugging dress will do as long as it will showcase your legs. Make sure to wear heels to elongate your legs and make you look tall! This also gives you the freedom to be more bold with your makeup if you wish. In the end, It's all about having fun and being confidante in the way you look.

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