BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Sun Kids' by Spaceface
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today we are premiering the new single "Sun Kids," from dream-rockers Spaceface. The band is led by Jake Ingalls, who also plays guitar and synthesizer in The Flaming Lips, which is a feat that isn't too hard to believe, since the psychedelic influences are prominent in Spaceface's music. This song specifically, though, can be considered slightly more dream-rock rather than psychedelic because of the meditative harp arrangements and beyond-gorgeous harmonies in the distance.

    "'Sun Kids' is a song that's meant to be a call for unity, for anyone that feels our differences keep us apart to realize that we are all the same confused cosmic materials," Ingalls told Baeble. "The music is sort of yacht rock for angels meets the score to some blissed out hippies in a grocery store. The chorus, and what really ended up tying the whole tune together for me comes from a book called The Holographic Universe that has a really great chapter about scientists studying beams of light and discovering that when light is being actively watched, it performs as a particle and when it isn't, it acts like a wave. I'm not sure I totally understood it but I began to make this connection with it in terms of love and how it acts like light. Sometimes, even though there's this way you've always known you feel about something, once you look away for a second or stop thinking about it, the way you thought you felt is totally turned on its head.

    The song features our friend Mikaela Davis on harp and backing vocals. When we were recording, I knew I wanted harp on there and tried to get the effect with an app and even with some Alice Coltrane samples but I never landed the way we wanted. Eventually, I remembered that this guy who was in high school at the time, had messaged me on Facebook months ago about how he was asking off classes with his teachers to go play SXSW with this amazing psychedelic harp player Mikaela Davis and was asking questions about how I got with The Flaming Lips. Anyway, I eventually sent her the unmixed track and said 'go crazy with it.' She sent back this fantastic arrangement of 3 different harp tracks with and without her pedal set up and some truly beautiful harmonies. Eventually, I want to release a version of it with just our vocals and her harp, her take on it was truly remarkable."

    The band's new LP, Sun Kids, will be released via Behind The Curtains Media in March and they will be touring in support of it nationally.

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