10 Songs To Make You Feel Better About All of This Political Stuff
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    If you're like me, you're trying not to dwell on all of the horrible stuff happening in the world right now. Yes, we need to take action. Yes, we can't ignore this. And yes, we all need to stand up for our rights, now more than ever. However, whether we are trying to keep it together at work or we're just looking for some mental clarity, it's completely okay to try to forget about it for a couple of minutes. It's not selfish to take your mind off of Trump ruining everything and focus on something else, and just because you are trying to stay positive does not mean you don't care. So let's try not to stress out and instead, listen to a couple of these happy tunes that will help cheer you up.

    1. Empire of the Sun - "We Are The People"

    With light acoustic strums and strangely familiar melodies, there's no way this song won't perk you up. It is so euphoric, it's like if marijuana had a sound, it would sound like this song. Probably.

    2. MGMT - "Electric Feel"

    Okay, okay, so maybe it's because I was just listening to Empire of the Sun, but this song is another great choice. When that iconic chorus kicks in, you can't help but dance and scream, "Oh girl, shock me like an electric eel!" You'll start focusing more on love and less on hate, guaranteed.

    3. Modest Mouse - "Float On"

    I'm pretty sure everyone went through a phase in their life when they were obsessed with this song (I think my phase never ended). Seriously, if this song doesn't relieve your stress, you might just be completely heartless. And that's a whole different problem.

    4. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - "Home"

    C'mon, the main lyric is "home is wherever I'm with you." What can be more comforting than that?

    5. Florence & The Machine - "Shake It Out"

    Just shake it out, man! Shake it out, shake it out! Let loose! There's no way Florence Welch's beautiful free-spirited ways won't rub off on you just a little bit.

    6. The 1975 - "Love Me"

    Please just grab a pint of ice cream or a glass of wine - whatever you like - sit back, and enjoy the visual of Matt Healy rocking blue eyeshadow. We promise it will make you feel better.

    7. Maggie Rogers - "On + Off"

    This is a song all about finding emotional stability and spending time with the one you love... Nothing but positive vibes from the fabulous Maggie Rogers. (Oh, and that bass drop is tight.)

    8. Great Good Fine Ok - "Always"

    Pristine production and slightly Backstreet Boys-tinged melodies is all we need... And these love-y lyrics: "Always is a word that I never say / But I feel like trying." That's the kind of attitude we like.

    9. Real Estate - "Darling"

    This is a way more laid-back song, which is exactly why we're including it on this list. It will totally help you chill out and ease your mind.

    10. The Shins - "Name For You"

    This song sounds super happy, but I think just knowing the fact that The Shins are coming out with a new album is enough to wash all that bad shit away.

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