Shakira and Rihanna Battle Butts in New Video
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Sara Salaway

    Putting aside the actual quality of the song and its title, I think we should talk about the epic ass battle of 2014 that occurs in Shakira and Rihanna's newly released video for "I Can't Remember to Forget You". The video starts off in a relaxed, tropical setting with the ever so angelic Shakira on a bed strangely situated at the base of two staircases. Rihanna later enters looking like the dark side of Shakira in all black and deep, red lipstick. We then get a shot of the girls smoking cigars in bathing suits and gold jewelry living it up as only Ri and Shakira can. Until this point, it's pretty much what you'd expect out of these ladies. But that's when the epic ass-off commences with a figurative cheek-to-cheek fight only separated by some sheet rock. As ultimately perfect as these ladies' rumps are, the motion is abrupt and violent, as if there's an itch they can't quite reach, or more disturbingly, they're leaving behind some sort of territorial marking.

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