Dum Dum Girls Too True
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Sara Salaway

    It's been two years since Dum Dum Girls released an album and in their Too True return, they seem to have remained true to their jangly cult vibe. Their previous albums, I Will Be, He Gets Me High, Only in Dreams and End of Days progressively catapulted the girls onto larger stages to play in front growing audiences who craved their infectiously carefree girl-rock tones. At first Too True rings in memories of lying in your room singing along to End of Days. Dee Dee Penny's voice is recognizable from the first note of "Cult of Love". But also lingering in the opener is a shift in mood. Sure the lyrics in their songs have always been tracing darkness, but the melodies in their new album project a sense of uncertainty that the previous dream pop jams had lacked.

    Like the carry over into their sophomore record, the girls don't stray too far away from their song composition home, making each track comfortably predictable. You always know what you're going to get out of one of their songs, and this reliability is what keeps their fans coming back for more. The new album is 10 tracks long, as were their previous, the average song length sits at three minutes, as do their predecessors, and in these songs you're always promised a simple rhythm with a somber tone that acts as your own imaginary confidant; one who confides in you every secret.

    Too True, however, does contain a few tracks that demonstrate the aforementioned sonic shift. "Lost Boys and Girls Club" is the most robust song on the album, which we assume is why it was been chosen as its leading single. In it they emphasize melancholy with heavy reverb and trance-inducing synthetic drones. "Trouble Is My Name" the album's longest, slowest, and final song fills the room with spacey 'wahs' coming from the guitar that take a sudden and unfamiliar turn into an amicable, urging rhythm, giving us a 60s pop vibe. Surely this perk-up stands out as it brightly contrasts the album's looming and ominous melodies. Unfortunately this closing track does not seem to end the album favorably as it drifts away into a slow fade. But no need to worry, just like your most trustworthy best friend, Dum Dum Girls are free to make a few experimental choices, even if you don't always agree with them.

    Watch the newly released video for "Lost Boys and Girls Club" below.

    Dum Dum Girls' Too True is out now on Sub Pop.

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