Dear Amoeba Music, I Want Some Toe Fat
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    As a fan of obscure tunes, I was stoked to find out that Amoeba Music would be converting rare vinyl and selling it as digital downloads. Often when listening to an album that's been long out-of-print, I'm fascinated by it's existence. How many copies are out there? Once the last one finally withers away, will anyone ever hear these songs again? This eventually leads to scouring for meanings behind much bigger universal mysteries whose answers seem to only lie in anti-anxiety meds. But that's besides the point. I mourn for the poor artists who set forth to create music that would be heard without time limit. Unfortunately, even Amoeba's virtuous mission can't help them all.

    But there is one particular record that I've longed to have present on my iTunes playlists. Sure, I'm fortunate to have a vinyl copy, and I listen to it regularly in my living room, but I've never found a complete digital copy. I've even explored unlawful means and investigated torrents to no avail. As soon as I read about Amoeba's endeavor, I jumped to the search bar - nothing. So this is my letter to you Amoeba Music: I want Toe Fat Toe Fat on my iTunes, and while you're at it, how about a little Toe Fat Two.

    I originally purchased the album based on looks alone (yeah, that's the album art above), but once I listened to the opening track, "Bad Side of the Moon," I was totally floored...

    How the hell had I never heard this before?! It's amazing and I want its legacy to live long into the future. So do us all a favor Amoeba, add Toe Fat to the library. Thanks!

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