Breaking the Ice with Foals
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Depending on the artist or band, a face-to-face interview is more often than not, a daunting task. You have to understand that you are one of many dumb faces that's going to smile and spit out the same redundent questions as your predecessor on the constantly churning media assembly line. A Baeble camera-person and I recently took a short voyage up to Warner's Midtown office in an effort to snag a few choice soundbites from Brit-rave rockers Foals before they headed wayyy west to play a few festivals in Australia. I sat down with frontman Yannis Philippakis and keyboardist Edwin Congreave to discuss the band's third studio album, Holy Fire, which is scheduled to be released February 11th.

    While the four-minute final edit of the video (below) provides the clean-cut answers to all of my questions, I actually sat with Yannis and Edwin for over half an hour bullshitting about totally irrelevant crap. Unfortunately, we can't include the insignificant banter because it would be a waste of time for our video editors, but luckily I have all the time in the world on this uneventful Thursday afternoon, so I've taken it upon myself to spell out what's missing...

    Let me begin by saying Yannis and Edwin are a slightly intimidating duo. I mean, not that they'd kick my ass, but a talented artist with a British accent could easily make a Jersey-born kook feel like an imbecile. Oh, and just before I arrived Yannis had just completed his David Guetta rant, calling the massively famous gajillionaire an abomination.

    So how did I break the ice? I talked to them about bagels. Yup, bagels - well, actually we discussed the proper pronunciation of [one of] our favorite, delicious, holed treats. "Bay-guhl," Yannis slowly enunciated. This led to my informing the foreigners about the weirdos down in Philly who pronounce everything in "nails-on-the-chalkboard" fashion - "BAG-el."

    "Who the fuck says that?! Give me an example, place an order." asked Yannis.

    "I want some cream cheese on my BAG-el, please."

    "Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?! They're like fuckin' Scousers. Scousers are fuckin' awesome."

    For those unaware, this is a Scouse accent.

    This beautiful intro, as well as a few joking blunders will never see the light of day, but the final product did turn out to be a nice little interview about a truly exceptional album. Watch it below:

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