All In The Family: A History of Musical Siblings
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    In celebration of Tegan and Sara's latest accomplishment Heartthrob, which debuted last week, we felt obligated to commend the keen dynamics between the distinguished sister act. Even for those of us with siblings, it may seem somewhat suffocating to hold a career with a brother or sister, no matter how much we love them. Having a sister just a year apart from me, I know firsthand the ties that glue us together, and the petty, mostly subconscious rivalries that surface from time to time. But at the end of the day, family is family.

    That's why we're recognizing the siblings that have powered through their minor differences and paid homage to their bonds by producing some of the most memorable music to date. We also included a list of acts who, despite their DNA, have danced upon some seriously thin ice to create riffs in their bands, as well as some murky waters outside the studio. All the bands listed below are indeed talented, we're just keeping some tabs on the sibling rivalries that came about.


    1. Sly & The Family Stone

    The Family Stone earns its place as number one on our list for a mammoth amount of reasons. Not only did their funkadelic, rock, dance sound evolve the progression from psychedelic rock of the late 60s into the soulfulness of the 70s, but this band disregarded any traditional form of a line up the world had yet to see. With brothers Sly and Freddie Stone's friends rotating in and out, as well as the aid from sisters Rose and Vet, the collective formed a positive message with some timeless flavor. Being the first real multi-racial AND -gendered group to generate critical success, their songs echo that sense of unification all family members in a band should follow. "Don't hate the black, don't hate the white, if you get bitten, just hate the bite."

    2. Avett Brothers

    The raw, bluegrass sound behind Scott and Seth Avett seems to radiate more and more since their breakthrough in 2009. To our relief, the folk rockers' relationship outside the studio seems to radiate as well, perhaps propelling their growing success. With an unrefined sound and heartwarming quality, we tip our hats to Scott and Seth, for keeping the great music and good vibrations coming.

    3. The National

    Incase you've been extremely unobservant these past few years, The National boasts two sets of brothers: Bryce and Aaron Dessner (who are twins), and Bryan and Scott Devendorf. Lead singer Matt Berninger may be missing the genes, but he's surely the nail holding the two together. We wonder if he's ever been thrown into the middle of any family feuds, but these dudes seem too laid back, not to mention mellowed out, to give in to that sort of thing.

    4. Arcade Fire

    The earnest, and above all truthful sound of Arcade Fire is not only captivating, it's unrestrained. Squaring them into the genre of just indie rock seems unjustified. The elated clan, including brothers Win and Will Butler have surpassed any labels put on their music by allowing elements of various styles to shape their sounds. Oh, and Regine Chassagne (Win's wife) integrates another family dynamic into the group as well.

    5. Stone Temple Pilots

    Soaring through the nineties with an unmatched quality in their rock capabilities, the Stone Temple Pilots can attribute this mainly to the DeLeo brothers, Robert and Dean, who have lent their talents on the bass and guitars. After the release of Core, their grunge set a higher standard for the 90s rock mood.


    1. The Beach Boys >

    The closely tied brother trio of Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, with their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine crafted the genre of surf rock. They dazzled the hearts of countless people since 1962, just before the British bands exploded across the Atlantic, and most recently found themselves on a short-lived reunion tour. With a little over 50 years of history, The Beach Boys experienced troubling times under the management of the Wilson's father, as well as substance abuse, Brian's schizophrenia, and their, well, basic differences. Most recently, Mike Love went ahead and planned another Beach Boys reunion tour (after the full band's few reunion shows), without Brian or Jardine. It doesn't matter if you're a Beach Boy or a bus boy, eliminating original band members, especially family members, is just downright rude. Their future is uncertain, as it always has been, so we'll have to sit back and see what happens.

    2. The Kinks

    Ray and Dave Davies, the masterminds behind one of the most influential British Invasion bands have baffled the minds of a surplus of fans and critics alike. Their toxic relationship is one of the longest feuds in rock n roll history. Pretty ironic, coming from brothers of the same band. Although quite depressing, it mended together some of the best music we will ever see. Even now, Ray (68) and Dave (65) barely see each other, and communicate as little as possible. Over the years, rumors along the likes of Ray stabbing Dave with a fork over a French fry have surfaced.

    (Yes, Lola isn't a very shocking choice, but this video just leaves us wondering where the hell everything went wrong after this. Sigh.)

    3. Kings of Leon

    After Caleb Followill's failure to perform in August of 2011, confused and pissed off fans across the US were left with refunded KOL tickets. The family band, composed of brothers Caleb, Ivan, Michael and cousin Cameron helped rejuvenate rock in 2008 and reached an enormous spectrum of fans. Although they've seemed to clear the air since their slip up, their hiatus is leaving some questioning. We're not ready to give up our faith in the Followill family just yet.

    4. Oasis

    Noel and Liam Gallagher have been feuding since the early 90s. From various fistfights to their extremely hurtful public comments, their concrete distaste for one another makes you forget that they are even blood related. Most recently, Liam Gallagher told NME, "Fuck Oasis and fuck Noel Gallagher." So there you have it.

    5. The Bee Gees

    Just the mention of their name you want to break out your best dance moves. But the disco trio of Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb fell under the similar riffs of family feuds. Even before the Saturday Night Fever infected the night scene, Robin quit the band for a short amount of time in 1969. This continued over the years, with various brothers picking and choosing when they wanted to be the Bee Gees. The predicaments continued into the new millennium, up until Maurice's death in 2003. Robin and Barry made plans to pay tribute to their late brother, but with no promise. Robin passed away last May, marking the end of the Bee Gees for good.

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