stream: bright eyes, the kills
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    In your new music Monday stream-tacular: popular public provider NPR has the full stream of the new Bright Eyes jam, and we've got the first single from the new Kills record for your listening enjoyment (pictured above in the studio). It's all happening below.

    The People's Key, the latest album from Conor Oberst warble-factory and Saddle Creek Records is streaming in its entirety over at NPR. It includes our new friends "Shell Games" and "Haile Selassie". Otherwise the album is chock full of Bright Eyes advancements... a little less bedroom diary, a little more fleshed out, voice-over goodness. See what we mean.

    In other news, The Kills new album Blood Pressures promises to be an intense, noisy sound-scape according to first single "Satellite". Check it out right here:

    Personally, I'm psyched to see Allison Mosshart do the rock music equivalent of crashing cars into each other live on stage with her original band (as much fun as it is to watch her and Jack White have the stage performance equivalent of angry sex).

    The People's Key is out 2/15. Blood Pressures is out 4/5 on Domino.

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