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    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2008

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    Tripping straight up hip hop out in a more indie rock leaning aesthetic, Bronx based Sonic Sum first established themselves as something that mattered way the heck back in 2000 when they dropped their debut LP, The Sanity Annex. Now, nearly eight years later, this cult crazy crew is finally set to follow up that effort with their sophomore outing Films – an album Def Jux will be delivering this February. To the official source we go…

    “Emerging from NYC’s Ozone collective (Company Flow, Anti Pop, Mike Ladd, Saul Williams, El-P), Sonic Sum’s unique brand of hip hop reaches into the world of indie rock and comes up with something completely new. Featuring a DJ, a DJ/keyboardist, a bass player and the outsized talents of frontman/producer (& Def Jux solo artist) Rob Sonic. The album was originally released exclusively in Japan on Tri-Eight Recordings. El-P and Def Jux decided that it was time for the US fan base to finally have access to this hidden gem, Films embodies a sound whose time has finally come….”

    Get the first taste, “Chopper One Slow” of Films below.

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    MP3: Sonic Sum:: "Chopper One Slow" Films

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