Jaymes Young Examines The Habits Of His Heart
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A few weeks back we tipped you on musician Jaymes Young; a Seattle native who recently moved to LA seeking "the artistic zone", as he recently told us. He found it, writing and recording the Habits Of My Heart EP, which he released last Fall.

    We recently hooked up for a session with Jaymes in a midtown studio, coaxing a few acoustic songs out of him, as well as discussing the recent rapid acceleration of his career. "It's hard to keep perspective on your career," he told us. "It feels like it's changing so much". Part of that change has to do with a recent tour he embarked on with Australian, ukulele balladeer, Vance Joy. Playing sold out shows every single night is an up-and-coming artist's dream come true.

    But Young has also taken an extremely proactive approach to getting the EP out there. "Getting as many people to hear it as possible is kind of all I really care about. They can download it off the internet, whatever...Spotify...do whatever you got to do. I just want people to hear it".

    "It's pretty melancholy, it's pretty serious, and it's kind of dark at times, " Young says of the EP. But it also showcases two different sides of his personality; the singer-songwriter side, which he admits has been a part of his life forever, and the production side, which is less stripped down and more defined by unique and interesting sounds. "It's important to relate to whoever's listening, " he adds. "I used to do a lot of coffee shop shows in Seattle. If there are 2 or 3 people in there I want them hear what I'm saying and if they get something out of it, mission accomplished". There are a lot more people listening now.

    Check out our one-on-one interview with Jaymes above and be sure to come back to the site this Tuesday for the full, 3 song session of songs from the Habits Of My Heart EP.

    We recently hooked up for a session with Jaymes Young in a midtown studio, discussing the recent rapid acceleration of his career.

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