Discover 4 Million Unheard Spotify Songs with Forgotify
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Amazingly, Spotify's song streaming database is so enormous that in the dark, green depths of its behemoth belly, there are 4 million songs that have never seen the light of day. They've never been played! Nottaonce! But how in the world do we explore this vast expanse of never-before-played songs?

    Forgotify, the Indiana Jones of Spotify's unheard treasures, invites you to be a pioneering listener on a quest through a ton of crap(seriously there's a reason some songs go unnoticed), but during your hunt you could uncover something remarkable.

    Take my spin for example. After clicking through the doldrums of crappy Italian Christmas songs, I came upon a little country-western ditty from 1981, performed by some lonesome cowboy named Ron Lloyd. The song, "Prairie Dreamer", comes off ole' Ron's debut album (the dude has six!) entitled New Moons And Old Leather. Old Leather was his horse, you guys. I wish Ron was my grandpa.

    You can play pioneer, too. Head on over to Forgotify and give it a try.

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