Jacco Gardner Previews Vaudevillian Vibes
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    Dutch artist Jacco Gardner is out to make a name for himself. A self described "baroque pop multi instrumentalist," Jacco has developed a penchant for crafting mellow, well rounded tracks. Last year saw the summer release of two singles that created a fair amount of buzz on the internet and headphones alike due to the maturity found in his instrumentation. Considering the 24 year old played all of the instruments himself with the exception of drums, it was all pretty impressive. Now he's back, and during the pending release of his debut album, he decided to drop one of the songs on us via soundcloud. It's called "The Ballad of Little Jane" and it features some really cool instruments such as the harpsichord and oboe. The vaudevillian feel of the song is accentuated by Jacco's smooth vocal delivery which seems to cast him as a burlesque master of ceremony. The self produced track has a fair amount of polish and shine, which is a nice contrast to the raw subject matter of the material. If you are not already excited about Jacco Gardner's self titled album Cabinet of Curiosities, listen to the track below. You might just add him to your list of artists to watch.

    Also check out his previous single, "Where Will You Go."

    Cabinet of Curiosities is due out on February 12th.

    Full Track List Here:

    01. Clear The Air
    02. The One Eyed King
    03. Puppets Dangling
    04. Where Will You Go
    05. Watching The Moon
    06. Cabinet Of Curiosities
    07. The Riddle
    08. Lullaby
    09. Help Me Out
    10. Summers Game
    11. Chameleon
    12. The Ballad Of Little Jane

    Jacco Gardner US Tour Dates

    US | 01/03 | Wesleyan University, Middeltown CT
    US | 02/03 | Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY
    US | 03/03 | Middle East, Boston MA
    US | 06/03 | Golden West, Baltimore MD
    US | 07/03 | The Pinhook, Durham NC
    US | 08/03 | Savannah Stopover Festival, Savannah GA
    US | 09/03 | Green Room, Athens GA
    US | 10/03 | The Earl, Atlanta GA
    US | 12-17/03 | SXSW, Austin TX
    US | 18/03 | The Bishop, Bloomington IN
    US | 19/03 | Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
    US | 20/03 | Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
    US | 21/03 | Garden Bowl, Detroit IL
    US | 22/03 | Happy Dog, Cleveland OH
    US | 23/03 | Mercury Lounge, New York NY

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