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    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2008

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    The name Peter Morén may sound a little vague, but here’s betting you can fill in the following band name: _______, Bjorn, & John. Got it now? Good. Let’s move on.

    Peter Morén (perhaps you have heard of him after all) has apparently been up to a whole lot more these past couple years than touring and supporting one of our favorite pop records, Writers Block. Finding time within the creases of his already hectic workload, Morén kept even busier, working on a solo album of his very own. The result (his first) is The Last Tycoon, a collection of 10 songs written, recorded, and mixed with Daniel Värjö and Tobias Fröberg in tiny apartments and recording studios throughout Sweden and the U.S. A word or two from the official press release…

    “The album has a distinctly homemade feel that feeds from the folk singer-songwriter tradition but still incorporates strings, synthesizers, vibraphones, percussion, a musical saw, and even a drum machine or two.”

    Sounds ambitious. The Last Tycoon will be released April 8th on Quarterstick Records. Tour dates for SXSW and a few other select cities to be announced shortly. – David Pitz

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