Let's Compare and Contrast All of Mariah Carey's Memorable Holiday Performances
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    The holidays are a stressful time for so many. Tis the season of justifying your life to family members, traveling back to your hometown, and pretending your cousins baby is actually cute. But if you're Mariah Carey, it can mean something much different. I would be lying if I said I was surprised watching Mariah lose it on national television, but at this point it seems to be a holiday tradition.

    In 2014, Mariah was billed to sing her classic single "All I Want For Christmas Is You" for the Rockefeller Tree Lighting, however, something went terribly wrong. The pop star struggled to stay in tune or reach any of her signature whistle tones. Shortly after she performed on live TV, videos started popping up of her isolated vocal feed showing just how off she was.

    Many speculated that she was sick and/or nervous which may have caused her performance to go wrong, but it could have been a similar problem to the one that she had on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, where she complained of a spotty in-ear monitor. Monitors are essential for singers because they allow the performer to hear the music and their voice over a crowd. Since these incidents seemed so reminiscent of one another, I decided to throw it back to 7th grade English class and compare and contrast them.

    Mariah can't do Midtown during the holidays.

    Look, I get it. Time Square can be the most stressful place on earth, especially during peak tourist events. Crowded sidewalks full of screaming people in the freezing cold is enough to break down even the most level-headed. So, maybe next time she should have an indoor only policy.

    When in doubt, LIP SYNC.

    It seems that Mariah learned from her past mistakes and after her song "Emotions" was over (which she sang maybe 3-4 bars of) she said bluntly, "This is the album version" cluing everyone in that she was going to just sing along to the next one. The rest of her New Years performance consisted of her obviously, lip synching to "We Belong Together." At least we didn't catch you vocally slipping this time Mariah, good move.

    Her background dancers kept it together.

    Both performances quickly became hard to watch, but thankfully her dancers gave the millions of viewers who tuned in something to take their eyes off the car crash that was ensuing. No matter what happens, just keep dancing.

    She acknowledged the issue.

    The common saying is that the show must go on, but that is exactly what got her in trouble at the Christmas Tree Lighting. Instead of just going for it, Mariah decided to just let everyone in on her technical difficulties shifting the blame to the sound engineers. Her manger recently called out Dick Clark Productions, the company responsible for setting up New Year's Rockin' Eve, for allegedly setting Mariah up to fail. If this ever goes to court, her performance at Rockefeller Center should be Exhibit A.

    She was singing the hits.

    Whether or not she could hear herself, I'm sure she sings those songs every time she has a show. At this point, she should be able to sing them in her sleep. She could have just pulled a Johnny Cash and spoke-sung most of it, I'm sure no one would have been disappointed.

    Mariah has been catching a lot of shade over this recent performance. However, for someone who has been a pop star for almost 30 years, this kind of gaffe is nothing compared to most other big name stars of her generation. At the end of the day, Mariah has still got it and it doesn't look like this performance is going to be slowing her down as she gets ready for a tour this spring with Lionel Richie. But, maybe she should skip any Easter or Mother's Day performances this spring. You know... just to be safe.

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