Dirty Projectors Teased The World Again By Releasing a Mysterious Music Trailer On Social Media
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Dirty Projectors have been messing with our heads lately. We're coming up on five years since their last album, Swing Lo Magellan in 2012 (yes, FIVE YEARS) and starting last September, the band has been teasing us on social media with images and videos hinting at a new album. Shortly after, Dirty Projectors released a slow-building single called "Keep Your Name" but have been pretty quiet since. The Dirty Projectors have seven full-length albums and with each album, there was only a one to two-year break in between. So why the hell are they keeping us hanging for double the time on this one? Is there even an album coming? Will it be a farewell album? Are all of the band members going solo for good? Is there going to be a radical shift in their sound that we should be preparing for? We want answers, DP.

    Back in October, Dirty Projectors member, Amber Coffman announced that she will be releasing her first solo project and released a single called "All To Myself", which fueled a bunch of rumors of a potential split for Dirty Projectors. The announcement followed a very public breakup between frontman David Longstreth and Coffman, when Dirty Projectors released "Keep Your Name", which was a song about their breakup over a looped sample of a love duet the two performed together. Coffman responded with "All To Myself", which was also about the breakup from her perspective. Coffman hasn't released any other singles but it seems pretty likely that if there is a Dirty Projectors album coming soon, she probably won't be on it.

    Today, Dirty Projectors posted a mysterious music trailer to drive us all even more crazy. The one-minute video pans through a labyrinth of frames - possibly hinting at the potential artwork of a new album - as warped and aquatic sounds play over music that sounds like "Choose Your Weapon" by Hiatus Kaiyote. The cryptic text on the video reads "Do Not Want To Live In A Li t t l e Bub b l e", which makes us believe a farewell album is probably on the way. Is the little bubble a metaphor for the comfort bubble that Dirty Projectors has created for the band members?

    Whether it's a new chapter for Dirty Projectors or the final chapter - we are ready for it. We have a feeling that this long break has not gone to waste.

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