ARTIST TO WATCH IN 2017: Mondo Cozmo
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    With only a handful of songs and videos (one starring Anna Faris) on the internet, Mondo Cozmo has already made an unexpectedly big splash in the music industry. At the very start of his career with no album earlier in 2016 - not even an EP - his song "Shine" blew up, as it was the #1 most added track at Triple A radio for several weeks, taking the world by storm. He's also garnered praise from several big time producers like Ken Ehrlich (Grammys) and Dan Wilson (Adele, Dixie Chicks). So if this is the impact he's made with only a few songs, imagine what this year will look like when he releases even more. We got to ask him a few brief questions about reviving rock 'n' roll and what's next, and his cheeky answers will make you chuckle.

    Has LA influenced your music at all?

    Not so much, I mostly keep to myself. I blocked out all the windows in my bedroom where I record everything. I do want to write a song about traffic though, so at that point, yes, LA would have made an impact.

    Where else do you draw inspiration from?

    I try to rip off songs as close as I can without getting sued. It's a passion of mine.

    What made you decide you wanted to be a full-time musician?

    My only other options would be manual labor. My schooling isn't resume worthy.

    You say that you want to bring the mystery back to rock 'n' roll. When do you think the mystery left?

    90's was the last time I really thought there was a mystique to rock and roll.

    How do you plan on accomplishing that?

    Avoiding eye contact, getting arrested twice a year, rehab stints, sex tapes.

    Do you feel like you have a goal to achieve with your music?

    Just connecting with people. I want to be the album you put on before you go out on a Friday night.

    When can we expect more material from you? What's next for Mondo Cozmo?

    Bunch of tunes coming down the pipe, bunch of videos with celebrities, festival dates, and ensuing lawsuits.

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