8 Songs to Play at Your Funeral
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I don't want to depress you, but let's take a second to talk about your funeral. We all know we're going to have one, so why spend time denying it when we could be spending time embracing it and planning? It has to be perfect - with the right flowers, people, and food (there's gotta be food). And if you're reading this right now, I'm assuming you're a music fan, which means music will also be a very important component. But have you put a lot of thought into it? One of the most important parts of your funeral?! Of course not, because funerals - especially yours - are sad, and people don't want to be sad. But it doesn't have to be sad! If you go out with some killer (pun intended) funeral-themed music, your funeral could be the best party of your life. So when you start curating that playlist, make sure you include these.

    1. Band Of Horses - "The Funeral"

    This one is an extremely obvious but necessary choice.

    2. Arcade Fire - "Wake Up"

    Not just because this is off of their album Funeral, but because it also just happens to be a really good "send off" tune.

    3. Phantogram - "Funeral Pyre"

    This song is depressing AF, but it's so good and so perfect for a funeral. Especially a real sad one.

    4. Shy Glizzy ft. Jeezy - "Funeral"

    If you want to turn your funeral into a strip club, this track right here will be your best friend.

    5. Elton John - "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding"

    If you want to go out with a super climactic, sporadic, intense, mind-blowing, slightly-psychedelic, 10-minute sonic adventure, Elton John's got your back.

    6. Jeff Buckley - "Lover, You Should've Come Over"

    The first lyric is "Looking out the door, I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners," which is basically why I chose this song. But also, with the rainy intro, somber guitars, and Buckley's regretful plea, this might be one of the best funeral songs ever.

    7. Pink Floyd - "Goodbye Blue Sky"

    A sparse yet positive tune for when your time comes. This one will relax all of your guests - and you'll probably want them to relax, if you love them at all.

    8. Brand New - "Bed"

    "Bed" could be a metaphor for the casket, right? #BadJoke.

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