Single Serving: Water Liars Are Out For Blood
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 03, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Next month Water Liars will release a new batch of heartrending, Southern folk. It's an impressive feat, considering it's happening on the heels of the band's sophomore album, office favorite around these parts. When Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Andrew Bryant stopped by Baeble HQ for a session last spring, they offered some insight as to why such a quick follow-up isn't such a big deal to them. They've just always been the type of musicians who out-wrote their ability to release music. "In the old days it was like we wrote stuff and recorded it and spent a year trying to figure out how to release it or get some money together," said Bryant. "[Fat Possum] seem to be fine with us putting out stuff constantly and we're constantly working on stuff."

    "If you're not making something, then what's the point? I don't ever want to not being making something," Kinkel-Schuster added. So the band's next "something" will be released by Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum on February 4th. With veteran producer Bruce Watson (A.A. Bondy, R.L. Burnside, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) once again at the helm, the band recorded the album over a handful of sessions in Water Valley Mississippi, looping in touring bassist GR Robinhangesson this time around as well. The result is something the band members compare more to their live presence...something we can't wait to hear.

    Ahead of the album's release, the band are offering "I Want Blood" to nibble on. It's a song that finds them ready for bigger things. Singing "Come a long, long way from nowhere / With armor made from nothing but some songs I learned along the way from some strangers," the trio seems ready for the strange lands their music might take them. They're hungry; they're thirsty; they are out for blood, apparently. With songs like this, we think they'll find it (or at least soundtrack films and shows in which its shed!).

    Check out our intimate session with Justin and Andrew from last spring.

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