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    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    The un-Googleable 1,2,3 have a new EP, Dreamland Pt. 1 (For Daisy), and you can grab it for free (or stream it below). Although it abandons the band's electric edge (on their debut New Heaven), it maintains the band's usual complexities via softer aesthetics. The tone of this one reminds us a lot of "Heat Lightning," which the band has said a bunch of times is their favorite track off their debut LP, so that makes sense.

    Vocalist Nic Snyder gave the world some insight into the EP's creation:

    "HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is a lullaby, EP tha [sic] was recorded for my baby niece, Daisy. It was initially intended for her and my family only, but I ended up getting very involved in the production of it and at the suggestion of my bandmates (while collaborating with them on it's [sic] finishing touches and the second track, "It Gets Dark") I decided to let anyone who wants to hear it, hear it.

    It's [sic] aim is slumberespecially on it's [sic] second halfso if you are remotely drowsy I wouldn't suggest driving around jamming on it.

    It mostly flows together, as well, so I recommend completely downloading it and transferring it to your iTunes before listening.


    Download the entire EP here.

    The band still has a few dates scheduled, see if they are visiting your town this month.

    1,2,3 on Tour

    01/07 Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox
    01/14 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall *
    01/15 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR ^

    * = w/ Grouplove
    ^ = w/ Pet Lions

    And check out our 1,2,3 concert grabbed in Austin last year.

    Watch the full video at

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