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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2011

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    The ball dropped in Times Square, ushering in a new, futuristic sounding year (wasn't 2011 the time period of Mega Man X or something?), but between Lady Gaga tweeting her butt and big songs leaking online, it's looking a lot like 2010. Wait, Justin Timberlake?

    Hear a new Justin Timberlake track (maybe).

    If you're reading this early enough, or record label execs are still snoozing from Friday night, this video might still work. A new Justin Timberlake track leaked online this weekend, making it the first solo work we're hearing from the Mickey Mouse alum since 2006's Future Sex/Love Sounds. Right? Whatever. Hot jamz!

    Lady Gaga announces new album, release date via Twitter.

    Of course she did so wearing an embroidered jacket with the title, Born This Way (and not much else), with the release date in the text. Check it out over here.

    2011: the year of the lewd tweeting? 10 Schrute-bucks if you can come up with a name as clever as "sexting" for that one.

    Also in the news...

    We're also reading this NYT piece on keeping pop simple, and this Pitchfork guide to new releases in 2011. Plenty of reading to continue to procrastinate getting back to work, or to continue procrastinating getting out of bed (jealous).

    2011: your last two digits add up to the first two digits (first time since 2002!). That has to be significant, right? -joe puglisi

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