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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2011

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    It's back to business for our favorite suit clad gentleman of the evening, peddling topical humor, sight gags, iconic goofy voices, and musical performances from all over the spectrum. Plenty of familiar names and faces, as 2011 releases haven't quite injected the circuit with new tunes... but we're not complaining.

    Your late night TV watching schedule:

    MONDAY (1/3): Best Coast (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

    TUESDAY (1/4): Local Natives (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)
    Neon Trees (Conan)

    WEDNESDAY (1/5): Deerhunter (Conan)

    THURSDAY (1/6): The Walkmen (The Late Show With David Letterman)
    Iron and Wine (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)
    Jimmy Eat World (Conan)

    FRIDAY (1/7): No Age (The Late Show With David Letterman)

    They say television rots the brain, but music makes you smarter. Which one is it, scientists? Let's figure it out this year. -joe puglisi

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