8 Awesome Female Indie Rock Bands You Need To Know
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    You've probably seen it everywhere by now that the Women's March happened this month, and it was definitely the coolest thing to happen in 2018 thus far. In addition to that, last night's Grammys took place where almost no women won in their categories with the exception of Alessia Cara. Despite that though, many women stepped up -- Janelle Monae and Camila Cabello gave empowering speeches while Kesha put on one of the most powerful performances we've seen yet. So many women are making powerful strides and speaking up about injustices and inequalities, and this year is going to be our year, ladies. To help make your feminist heart happy, here is a mix of pop, indie, and punk songs that you can play as a soundtrack created by women for your next protest, or just when you need to feel a bit more empowered.

    1. Sunflower Bean - "I Was A Fool"

    Julia Cummings' gorgeous and chill vocals carry you through this breakup anythm. She is joined by bandmate Nick Kivlen, whose vocals about being lost just add to the heartbreaking theme of this song. The two will have you rethinking about that frat boy you fell in love with a month ago and how you're way better off without him.

    2. Camp Cope - "The Opener"

    Singer Georgia Maq's powerful voice usually blasts from my headphones at least three times a day. In this song she sings about how many women are overlooked in the music industry. Not only should you listen to this song for the lyrics, but also the very catchy melody that will never leave your head (but you'll be okay with that). This is a single from the band's upcoming album How to Socialize and Make Friends that comes out this March.

    3. Dream Wife - "Let's Make Out"

    As soon as you press play, you'll be bopping your head along to this grungy hit. With Bikini Kill vibes, Dream Wife will have you texting your crush "Let's Make Out." The single is from their recent self titled album. This is needed to be on any punk gal's get ready playlist.

    4. Cayetana - "Bus Ticket"

    This empowering song about dealing with your problems makes me feel like I can actually accomplish easy day-to-day tasks. Not only do Koch's vocals creep into your soul in the very best way, but this powerful beat will have you feeling so strong. This song reminds me that I am a force to be reckoned with, we all are.

    5. Hinds - "Walking Home"

    The distorted duo vocals are so fun in this piece. It sounds like it is you and your best friend jamming out at a sleepover. This is the song you play when your love life is actually going well, for once.

    6. Against Me - "Delicate, Petite, and Other Things I'll Never Be"

    This song is true rock with its raw energy. Laura Jane Grace is an amazing lyricist. You can really hear her pain, anger, and passions as she sings. She paints vivid pictures with lyrics like, "The skin on your neck looks a little thin / Don't go sticking it out for me / Like a beggar with a cold cup to fill / I am the dirt under your nails."

    7. Chastity Belt - "Cool Slut"

    Chastity Belt's video has me feeling Babysitter Club's vibes. It's corny and funny and I love it. However, this song has much more to tell. It's all about embracing a woman's sexuality instead of making it taboo.

    8. Bully - "Kills To Be Resistant"

    Bully is absolute femme goals. Led by Alicia Bognanno, this bad ass front woman not only sings and plays guitar, but she also uses her degree in audio recording to produce all of their records. Women aren't just singing puppets, they can do the BTS work, too -- and do it just as well!

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