Baeble First Play: The Childhood Romance of Marianas Trench
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Michael Madden

    Youth is something magical. When you are young the world is in your hands. There was school, sure, but there was also friends, crushes, antagonists, dragons, and wizards abound. When you are young everything is grand, and maybe, just a little blown out of proportion. Remember that time, sleeping over Gary's, and we were raiding his dad's bookcase. He hid all the good reading material behind the other books. But before we could find the porn, one of the books pulled out and activated the revolving bookcase. We found ourselves in a laboratory. There was a dinosaur just lying down on an over sized dog bed, and a little gray alien passed out on the couch. Those were the days.

    Sorry, suddenly all these memories of childhood are flooding back to me. Maybe it was pop-punk veterans Marianas Trench and their acoustic version of While We're Young. Yes, I am sure that's what it was. Let these Canadian heart throbs serenade you back into your romanticized childhoods. Or, if you are still a kid, I guess gain some more crushes, but I call dibs on the one with the sideburns.

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