Out And About: Death Cab For Cutie Play Brooklyn, Photos and Video
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Nostalgia is music's most powerful attribute. The right song can take you back to a time or a place, vividly triggering other details about the moment as it plays through. Suddenly the event is even more monumental than it was while it was happening.

    Obviously, this kind of thing has always been Death Cab For Cutie's calling card. The first time hearing a song like "Tiny Vessels", for example, it relates...to someone in your life, and someone who used to be your life. Nostalgia. Better days. Now when I hear that song 12 years later, I think of a particular crazy, mixed up, emotional time and think, "thank god that's not happening anymore...but god damn, this song is still so so good". Nostalgia upon nostalgia...nostalgia inception!

    In many ways, this is what makes Death Cab the perfect band for me; they deliver (with lyrics, melodies, dramatic dynamics, etc) the kind of sentiment I most enjoy in music with every album. I get the same feeling hearing "Photobooth" (from the Forbidden Love EP, released in 2000) for the hundredth time as I do hearing "Black Sun" (from the band's soon-to-be-released album Kintsugi) for the first.So a career-spanning, severe underplay of a show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn (their next NYC date will apparently be Madison Square Garden sometime in the Fall) is obviously a special opportunity.

    The question on everyone's mind these days is what a Walla-less Death Cab sounds like. From the opening haze of guitar that precedes set-opener "I Will Possess Your Heart", there's a pretty easy answer. Death Cab For Cutie still sound like themselves...heaping helpings of nostalgia and all. Check out a few snaps, some video, and the full set list from the show below.

    Death Cab For Cutie at The Music Hall of Williamsburg - January 29th, 2015
    I Will Possess Your Heart
    Crooked Teeth
    Why You'd Want to Live Here
    Doors Unlocked and Open
    Grapevine Fires
    Black Sun
    What Sarah Said
    Title Track
    The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
    Company Calls
    Company Calls Epilogue
    Title and Registration
    You Are a Tourist
    The New Year
    Soul Meets Body
    The Sound of Settling

    I Will Follow You into the Dark
    No Room in Frame
    No Sunlight

    Black Sun

    I Will Follow You Intro The Dark

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