Your Super Weed Bowl Party Playlist
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014

    • Posted by: Sara Salaway

    As most of you have put together already, the two cities whose football teams will go head-to-head in Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday—Seattle and Denver—are members of the two states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. We can only expect the home states' Super Bowl parties will be filled with billows of smoke instead of beer burps this time around. Although those who partake may forget the outcome of the big game, the commercials will be 10 times funnier, and the wings 10 times tastier.

    So if cousin Barry brings the chips and guac, and you bring the buds and bowl, we'll have the playlist for the first ever Weed Bowl.

    Deradoorian - "Weed Jam"

    This instrumental will send shivers down your spine with its lush harmonies. The melody goes everywhere and stays in the same place all at one time. This was made for you to listen to stoned, so do it (if you're legally permitted to do so).

    Danny Brown - "Kush Coma"

    "Kush Coma" is a little aggressive for the state of mind you might be listening to it in, but for the chorus it moves into an intergalactic sphere with chants "Kush coma / I am in a kush coma." Hopefully you do not enter a coma during the Weed Bowl, but hey, maybe that's your thing (that is, if it's legal).

    Devin the Dude -" Doobie Ash Tray"

    Reminiscent of early Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dood sets the scene for a funky blaze, so grab dat doobie, grab yo lady, and set your bowl afire (if you're like, in one of the states that allows you to do such a thing).

    Madvillain - "Americas Most Blunted"

    Taking you back to 2003 with this one, Madvillain, as they do best, creates a sample filled piece of art, rapping about what you love most, [legally] smoking blunts. Never get stoned without Madvillain near by, just don't (or in a state that has laws against it).

    Chance the Rapper - "Smoke Again"

    Chance the Rapper has exploded this year creating hot beat after beat, so this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser (in Washington and Colorado).

    Sam Lachow - "Banana Goo Pie"

    Sounds disgustingly appetizing right? 'Banana Goo' refers to a strain of weed with a yellow tint. Shout-outs go to Outkast, specifically Andre 3000 in this track. The chorus is a bit blase, "It's okay, it's okay, get high today" but the verses take it to another level.

    Brothers from Another - "Beeba Vision Pt. II"

    Not too sure where the term "Beeba vision" came from but you can only assume it's the quality of sight you [legally] attain once you're baked. Some of us will surely be watching Richard Sherman squawk through the eyes of Beeba Vision.

    Jarv Dee - "I Just Wanna"

    Hailing from Seahawks' city Seattle, this song has a 90s melody with a 2014 flow. He just wants to smoke his weed, and he most certainly will...legally.

    Styles P - "Good Times"

    An oldie, but a goodie, this track will bring you back and have you competing with Styles P who boasts he smokes "an ounce and a half" everyday.

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