Budweiser Pulls Heartstrings with Puppies and Passenger
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Who doesn't love cute puppies and heroic and noble horses? Budweiser executes touching themes year after year and successfully forms the emotional touchstone of whatever event it chooses to participate. I was particularly moved by their 9/11 tribute, as I'm sure everyone who saw it was. These pieces transcend brand advertising and become part of our collective identity. We all see reflections of ourselves in some manner or another in these TV-spots. Are we the noble beast striving for justice and right; or are we the plucky puppy struggling to find our place in the world and acceptance?

    This year's Budweiser Super Bowl ad hits a special sweet spot for us as it features the music of one of our favorite artists whose own storyline echoes that of the plucky puppy. Our friends at Nettwerk Music sent us Passenger's music video for "Let Her Go" in the late summer of 2012. After hearing the voice of Mike Rosenberg—the artist who is Passenger—relentlessly bellowing out of my office for weeks on end, our head of programming decided it was time to invite him in for his own session. It was magical. Armed only with an acoustic guitar and poignant lyrics, Passenger siezed the room's collective breath.

    Passenger honed his skills busking on the streets for dollars to survive. And in doing so, he learned how to make music that connects with your soul. We are so pleased to see this success.

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