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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

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    This week I get to complain about how I put "O.N.E." on a mixtape like THREE WEEKS AGO and now it's all over the free download blogosphere, and I can't be timely and put it on AGAIN because, I don't know. But aside from all these great songs and stuff this week, don't forget Odd Blood is coming out in two weeks and I'm going to eat rainbows when it does, or something. MARK MY WORDS! Anyway.

    Great things bubbling here at Baeble... what a fun, sexy week we've had! We attended the Beach House show on Wednesday night (big time). We got to say hi to our new voices on the blog (Ryan and Nicole), who will be joining us for the collective new-music-seeking-mashed-potato-time-having we do at Baeble. Don't worry, it will NEVER be time for the mashed potato time. Sorry, Dee Dee.

    This week we've got some great tunes hand picked by our writers, and we hope you enjoy them. See you at beer-o-clock. -joe

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    1. "Heaven Can Wait" - Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
    Actress and pretty-person Charlotte Gainsbourg makes an excellent pairing with renaissance man Beck, way better than other notable silly pairings of actress + artist (Scarlet and Pete Yorn are perhaps in this category). Gainsbourg made a record of sour, intimate worry that really resonates with her own personal struggles, as well as our own.

    2. "The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future" - Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring
    I remember hearing this track several months ago, when the video dropped. Although it's really heavy stuff lyrically (mothers dying, anorexia, etc), these guys are right; Romance Is Boring. The images of standing on cliffs and looking listlessly into the horizon reminds me of many things, including (and mostly) being an angsty youth. MOM!

    3. "Loxtep" - Annuals - Sweet Sister EP
    My Yeasayer sense went off when I heard the new Annuals EP, proving my theory of direction for many bands in 2010. Annuals did not sound anything like this before... they traded their simple guitar driven rock for something bigger, badder, and more electronic than anyone expected. The tribal beats, xylophone (and I hate xylophone normally), and electo-vocal freak outs are all so... good. Unfortunately this ship doesn't sail until late March. Mark your calenders. This will be a gem in the spring.

    4. "Walls" - Shout Out Louds - Work
    Again, another precursor to an album that got the whole office pumped. Work doesn't begin until March (get it?) but we heard this snippet when the band released a mini teaser of them recording the album. "Walls" takes a few to get going, but the soaring chorus is well worth the wait. It's a buildup worthy of The Shout Out Loud's impressive catalog and extreme use of ride cymbals.

    5. "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" - Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet Yeah, Motion City Soundtrack are old and it's not 2005 anymore so their brand of radio-friendly emo is all but extinct, but damned if this song didn't bring back some fond memories.

    6. "Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover)" - Run Toto Run - Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover) Covers are always cool, but covers that take a song completely out of it's element put it in a brand new context are even cooler. What's neat is that the synth lines fit perfectly as like almost celtic folk. Weird, neat stuff.
    Waves (Rodaidh radio edit)

    7. "Waves (Rodaidh radio edit)" - Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library
    It's funny. Whenever folks describe the work of NYC songstress Holly Miranda, they do so in a way that is somewhat startling in similarity. Friends speak of intangibles, or perhaps a certain "star quality". In other words, my feeling is, people feel she's going to burst. Come February 23rd, I suppose we'll find out, as that's the date she and XL have chosen to release her album, The Magician's Private Library. "Waves" is the third track from that album, and I'll have to agree...it's pretty special.

    8. "Used to Be" - Beach House - Teen Dream
    Still Teen Dream release week here at Baeble...one made extra special by the invitation we received to film the band's record release show at the Bell House this past Tuesday. Of course we're rather smitten by all this, and can't wait to share the exquisite show we captured with all you. Until then, here's one of the album's bouncier tracks.

    9. "Modern Girl (... With Scissors)" - Alec Ounsworth - Mo Beauty
    Though his name might not be immediately recognizable on paper, you know Alec Ounsworth's wild and flailing voice as the most distinctive musical element to mid-oughts, break-through act Clap You Hands Say Yeah!. We're lucky enough to have recently spent a few hours with Alec, filming a Guest Apartment for you to nibble on. "Modern Girl (...with Scissors)" is the first track from Ounsowrth's solo debut, Mo Beauty, out now on Anti

    10. "Messenger" - Joe Pug - Messenger
    A prediction...one that doesn't feel bold, but inevitable, really. Twenty years from now, Joe Pug - a name I'm guessing you've never heard - will still be playing music for huge gatherings of enthusiastic folk appreciators. The Chicago songwriter hasn't released a full-length, yet he's been endorsed by the likes of Steve Earle, M. Ward, and wooed audiences at the Newport Folk Festival. Recently, Justin Townes Earle - who is about to kick off a tour with Pug - told us, "with Pug, we have a chance for something really special ". "We" - you, me, everyone...I like that. This is the title track from his soon to be released album, Messenger, due out February 16th, on Lightning Rod Records.

    Thanks, Baeblers. Hope you enjoyed picking our collective brains. Leave your thoughts in the comments. See you next week. -joe puglisi

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