Is ASAP Rocky The Busiest Man In Hip Hop
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    A$AP Rocky has finally released the full versions of three new tracks that he premiered in an OVO Sound Takeover with A$AP Mob earlier this month, as well as a music video for "JD". We're sure hip-hop heads around the globe can agree they were worth the wait.

    In a tribute to A$AP Yams, who passed away in January of last year, A$AP Rocky collaborates with Juicy J to drop "Yamborghini High," a moving track to celebrate and remember the former Mob member. A$AP brings a little nostalgia to the track with a more ethereal vibe and some memorable lyrics like, "I'm on a Yamborghini-high, flying through the sky, hey yo."

    A$AP also released his verse in Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever," which was originally supposed to include members from Wu. A$AP Rocky represented for New York while changing up the track with more complex bars to compliment Drake's drawn-out, slightly raspy flow.

    Pharrell made a pleasant appearance on A$AP Rocky's, "Hear Me," one of four new releases from A$AP on his series, "Wavy Wednesdays." In "Hear Me," A$AP explains how success brings negativity. He doesn't want to be compared to competition because "there ain't nobody near me." He closes the song speaking the sad truth about how you're only noticed once you're gone (which is most likely influenced by Yam's passing).

    In the haunting, yet undeniably creative new video for "JD," A$AP talks directly to the camera, assuming it's aimed at his "haters." The video proves A$AP has an eye for aesthetic in this partly animated creation. He bursts out of real life and into a character who dismisses the skeletons in his life and the fake friends who weigh him down.

    A$AP is currently working on another project dedicated to the late A$AP Yams.

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