The Knife Lights A Fire Under Gender Norms
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Bondage rope, public urination, motorcycles, and a relentlessly spooky techno beat: in their new video, The Knife prove that their forthcoming album (Shaking The Habitual, out 4/9) is going to be even creepier than the last, and just as fantastic. Their newly released music video, "Full of Fire," is actually a short film by German director Marit Ostberg telling the story of seemingly unconnected individuals whose lives stray from the repressive gender and sexuality norms perpetuated by our society. The lyrics question how these stories will be told when our histories are so carefully crafted by the privileged. I didn't think I could get too pumped about a new music video after last week's Monarchy/Dita Von Teese gem, but this thought-provoking 9-minute journey is certainly shaking the landscape right now. My favorite scene might be the housekeeper joyfully sweeping the hoity toity couple's wine glasses onto the kitchen floor. Or the police handcuffing a protester in what can only be described as a sweetly romantic encounter.

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