Out and About: Iceage at Home Sweet Home
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Corey Mejia

    A brisk night in Manhattan and the small basement venue, Home Sweet Home, was frothed with a continuous flow of people. As Iceage took to the stage half past midnight, the audience froze with climatic anticipation, melting soon after with the poignant sting Ecstasy (a track off their upcoming album, You're Nothing) exposes.

    The place was dense and so warm that most people resorted to bobbing their heads to the rhythm, otherwise you'd either elbow or kick someone. Regardless, about half way through the set a wave of people closest to the stage began swaying back and forth. From time to time there were short bursts of energetic fans who couldn't resist forming miniature pits in reaction to such thunderous bass tones and a rapid-fire succession of snare hits mixed with tom fills.

    Although Iceage had played Brooklyn the night before, the Danish punks persevered and gave a relentless amount of staminaand all for their beloved NYC audience, another powerful performance. The crowd was drenched in sweat and/or intimacy, resonating well with the foreign band's youthful adrenaline, and at times peaked in harmony with the sharp, cool color effects of the strobe-lighted stage.

    Most of their set was composed of their new album, You're Nothing, expecting to be released November 19th. Amidst it all, the chaos revealed itself in the form of frontman, Elias Rnnenfelthis gruff voice and spastic curling twists were reverberating and shadowing against the thin sticker-ridden and plaster-peeling walls of Home Sweet Home. As we await their raw, ear-crunching sound once more, Iceage will continue their 41-date tour.

    Watch the "Ecstasy" music video below:

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