Jack White's 5 Best Televised Performances
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    In an unconventional move, Jack White gave us all a real reason to tune into the music industry's biggest event, when he surprisingly revealed that he would be taking the stage at 55th Annual Grammy Awards last week. Traditionally Jack has shied away from major television appearances with only a few exceptions. Since it's been nine years since Jack took the stage at the Grammys, let's take a moment to reflect on the very best of his televised performances.

    5. The White Stripes play "Icky Thump" on Jools Holland

    Jack and Meg tore through a raw and loose rendition of their hit single "Icky Thump." Watch to see Jack play keys and guitar at the same time!

    4. The Dead Weather play "Blue Blood Blues" on Letterman

    While The White Stripes were on hiatus, Jack decided to mix things up by hopping on drums.

    3. The White Stripes play "Seven Nation Army" at the 46th Grammy Awards

    The last time Jack hit the Grammy stage, he clearly did so in epic fashion.

    2. The White Stripes play an alternate version of "We're Going to Be Friends" on Conan's last show

    For Conan's last show as the host of The Tonight Show, The White Stripes performed a heartfelt version of "We're Going to Be Friends"

    1. Jack White plays "Mother Nature's Son" at The White House

    It is quite the honor to be playing in front of the President in his own home, and Jack completely delivered with this special televised appearance.

    Also be sure to check out his live video for "Freedom at 21" from his recent solo album Blunderbuss

    Will you watch the Grammy's now that Jack White is on the bill?

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