Album Review: Mice Parade
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    In Mice Parade's tenth studio album, Candela, frontman/percussionist/ethnomusicologist Adam Pierce presents us with a feast for the ears, borrowing flavors and spices from all over the world, and presenting them through the filter of his own crazy brand of shoegaze grunge. The album is named for a Flamenco bar in Madrid, which should give a hint at the "world music" focus: the title track is a short, bittersweet travel story punctuated by Flamenco singer Gisele Saad Assi, Japanese singer/songwriter Caroline Lufkin lends her wispy but syrup-smooth vocals to multiple songs, and you can expect to hear samba rhythm, Latin trumpet, Eastern harmonic scales, and plenty of distorted electric guitar along this musical journey.

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