album review: destroyer
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Derrick Wiest

    In the two years since deciding to kill off his music career, Dan Bejar, frontman for Destroyer and part-time New Pornographer, has released two EPs, and now a full length album as well, in addition to his contribution to 2010's Together. Given the man's enigmatic nature, this should probably come as no surprise, and to his credit, the declaration was not made without consequence: both Bay Of Pigs and Archer On The Beach came as radical departures from his work on Trouble In Dreams and before. If any question remained as to whether the change would render the next evolution of the Destroyer project, Kaputt provides the affirmative.

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    MP3: "Chinatown"
    Destroyer on Merge Records

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