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    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2010

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    The track buzzing through the indie-blogosphere for the last couple days has been Passion Pit's remix of Lady GaGa's Telephone ft. Beyonce. Yes, this evil Frankenstein'd travesty exists. Dripping with ironic detachment and enveloped in a swirl of house and trance, topped with chipmunk falsettos, Passion Pit seems like they want a piece of the club music action.

    It's a really smart thing to do too. It's clear Passion Pit want to break into something more permanent than indie band du jour, and electro pop is a sinking ship that them and band's like Chromeo and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. are jumping off as quickly as possible. Could this mean Passion Pit are sidestepping into different sections of electronica or is this just a remix they felt like doing? Either way, it's a neat track, even if it does create a dangerous mix of irony, ecstasy, gay dance culture and hipsters. -Ryan Broderick

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    MP3:"Telephone ft. Beyonce (Passion Pit REMIX)"
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