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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2008

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    You practice together, you play together, you travel together, you live together…band mates can be like family, and in the case of L.A. based Astra Heights, they really are. Consisting of a Texan bunch of brothers (plus one “honorary brother” - Bernard Yin - on guitar), Mark, James, Joshua, and Timothy Morales honed their affinity for lush British traditions while at a university in Houston – quite a feet for a band that didn’t pick up instruments until they left Palacios Texas for college. Of course, if you spend your whole life absorbing artists like the Beatles, Queen, T Rex, ELO, the Smiths, Oasis, and Blur, sometimes the music comes naturally.

    On the band’s debut, Good Problems (Universal/Republic), Astra Heights channel all the aforementioned, whipping up a firestorm of melody in its’ many manifestations – “cuddly McCartneyesque basslines, soaring lead vocals, and hook-minded guitar parts, plus an unfailing sense of clear rhythm so foundational it functions as melodic”. This is how both their official bio, and the music they churn out reads.

    Pick up Good Problems now at I-Tunes. If you live in California, Astra Heights have a few dates scheduled, listed below.

    Astra Heights Live:
    02/20/2008 - Casbah - San Diego, California
    02/21/2008 - Glass House - Pomona, California
    02/22/2008 - Troubadour - West Hollywood, California
    02/29/2008 - The Uptown Lounge - Oakland, California

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