Chaos and Clarity All in One: Ty Segall's New Self-Titled Album
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    RATING: 4/5

    The first song, "Break a Guitar," off of Ty Segall's self-titled LP sets the precedent for the rest of the record pretty well. Break a guitar, go on, break it. Tell us how you feel. Overdose on overdrive and try to bend the strings into a new pitch as you wail the guitar in the air.

    At least that's what Segall sounds like he's doing throughout the record. It's what he always does - his signature sound - but this time, there's something slightly different about it. "Talkin'" offers a sense of clarity, a calmness that we haven't gotten from Segall much before. Finally he escapes his need to break a guitar and instead, strums it gently with ease, creating a slight country swing. "Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)" is a 10 minute long piece which is upbeat until the 6 minute mark, where it then enters a freeform type of space. Each instrument goes off onto their own journey, yet they are still controlled and subtle. But of course, this sonic environment doesn't last for long, as it quickly bounces right back into Segall's natural form. Chaos. But a different kind.

    Finally, with "Orange Color Queen" we see Segall's quiet, intimate side. No props. No baby face masks. Nowhere to hide. Just acoustic guitars panned to each side while Segall harmonizes with himself. "Oh, you're my orange lady / Oh, you're my silver lips of honey / Oh, you're my cherry fizzled sundae / Oh, you're a tree inside of an airplane."

    However, don't let that fool you. This record is still jam-packed with road trip goodies. "The Only One" is a good representation of the full album, as it's angsty yet focused. You can feel the anger in the tone of Segall's voice, the sway in the blaring, cracked out guitars. The lead guitars are so bizarre and daring, they almost pass for metal at times.

    Ty Segall's self-titled is his most clear and focused work yet, but he still keeps his signature chaotic ways. He gives us a shoulder to lean on - almost feeling like an older sibling throughout the record. He gave us something that exemplifies his maturity as an artist without sacrificing his craft and emotion.

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