Know Who's Next: The Deconstructive Pop Of Lena Fayre
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Lena Fayre -- a 19 year old, Los Angeles native -- started her career like most aspiring artists - in small cafes and venues around her hometown. Since then, she has released multiple records, was named 'Artist You Need to Know' by Rolling Stones, and landed herself at SXSW in 2015. She's proven herself to be fiercely independent in her short career, racking up over 10 million streams on Spotify and 7+ million views on YouTube. Lena Fayre tests the boundaries of contemporary pop, which is best described in her own words as deconstructive pop.

    Imagine the sultry vocals of Lana Del Ray alongside the eclectic, R&B feels of BANKS throw in a little adventurous pop and you have Lena Fayre. Months shy of her 20th birthday, Lena Fayre has more soul, emotion, and creativity than most seasoned vocalists in the game. She takes risks by stretching pop chords, keeping you drawn-in with her range ping ponging from ethereal to explosive. Her music takes you through the modern day struggles of love, lust, rejection, and heartbreak - all of which inspired her to write and express her stories through her lyrics.

    Her first self-named EP was released in 2013, which includes the previously released single, "Belong to You," is a passionate rendition about the phases of blinding love in this upbeat, 5-song EP. "I am Not a Man" is a small representation of what you'll find in her first full-length album, OKO. Pain and betrayal leads you through a mesmerizing story of turning your heartache into colossal strength. Fayre turns her delicate, soft image into a powerful, warrior woman causing you to question where she will take you next. Lena also released an EP last year in July, Is There Only One, and will playing SXSW this year as well as a residency at the Bootleg in Los Angeles in February.

    Although she only has a few years under her belt, she definitely lives up to her name as an 'Artist You Need to Know.' Each song keeps you invested with an emotional story of struggles in her life and leaves you longing for more. Follow along the evolution of Lena Fayre and her innovative sounds with some new tracks set to be released early this year.

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