new music video: apex manor
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Pasadena band, Apex Manor, have released a video for their song "My My Mind" off of their debut album, The Year of Magical Drinking. This video does exactly what music videos are meant to do. It enhances the story behind the song in an artistic way to express what sound alone did not fully capture. Had MTV not sold their soul to the gremlins of reality television, this is precisely the kind of video that would undeniably find its place within the network's circuits and gain the respect that it deserves. The pain portrayed is absolutely immediate and only swells with the eerie progression of the video. Despite the shock that accompanies the beginning images of Apex Manor's Ross Flournoy holding his heart literally in his hand, the song is soon discovered to be about repair rather than doom and gloom. He pieces together what appear to be happy images of himself with his bloodied hands, and the video achieves a tragic understanding of the pain that comes with memories and loss. "My My Mind" can be found on Apex Manor's debut album, The Year of Magical Drinking, which is out now.

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