kesha of the day: disney princess kesha
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    While most people spend their nights worrying about the only sure things in life (death, taxes, and another Land Before Time sequel), we keep a shotgun under our bed in case Secretary of Garbage Hats Ke$ha decides to try anything funny. While we were sleeping, dreaming of Arcade Fire/Kanye West collabs, she managed to team up with Funny Or Die for what we're guessing was supposed to be a self-aware bit of poking fun at herself. So it's with a heavy heart, and a bag of our own barf, that we present Ke$ha: The Disney Princess.

    sNSFW, because Ke$ha.

    Ouch, my childhood!

    Do we have any poison apples left? She deserves to be a fish forever. Let Jafar have her.

    Animal is out now wherever you commit ritualistic suicide (like Best Buy). See you there!

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