AWOLNATION Opens Up About New 'Handyman' Video
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    AWOLNATION's third album Here Come the Runts is set to arrive next week, on Friday February 2nd, and ahead of that release we've been treated to a brand new music video for the track "Handyman". This video marks the second collaboration with director Ravi Dhar in quick succession, after "Passion" back in November, and it's clear that group leader Aaron Bruno values this working relationship, "He is a beautiful and sensitive guy and we work well together. He also is an old hardcore kid so we can joke around about the good ole days." The collaborative process is often rife with tension and conflict, all being fair in art and war, but fortunately this doesn't seem to be an issue for Bruno when he speaks with Ravi to throw ideas around, "We seem to agree on most art thankfully."

    The video is narratively strong, perhaps the most cinematic effort yet from AWOLNATION's filmography. Bruno cites his desire to play the part of storyteller in shaping the songs on this new album, "I hope that these songs can tell some sort of story and allow the mind to wander into another place like a good book." From what we've heard so far, it's clear that Here Come the Runts will be an album full of little stories, with Bruno drawing on some of music's most well-worn themes for inspiration, "Most great songs are about love, life, or God, aren't they?" Hard to argue that.

    We've had three videos from this album cycle now, in the shape of "Seven Sticks of Dynamite", "Passion" and now "Handyman", and Bruno hopes that there will end up being even more visual accompaniment for this LP. He even suggests that some fan interaction could be the way forward if we are to see more Here Come the Runts videos. He told Baeble, "I also look forward to people making their own videos with these songs, especially for the title track."

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