Watch Father John Misty Sing a Love Song to His Engineer Trevor Spencer
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Kirsten Spruch]

    Father John Misty recently released a short film for his upcoming album, Pure Comedy. The overall tone is pretty serious, as we see Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, and his backup singers in the studio in black and white. But if you make it to the end, right after a robotic voice preaches about the selfish and meaningless existence that is humanity, Tillman leaves us on a positive note.

    Around the 22:24 mark, we see Tillman messing around on the piano in front of a camera that looks like it was set up by the man himself. His engineer, Trevor Spencer, is in the distance, doing something important probably. Tillman begins singing a song about Spencer which rapidly escalates into a flat out love song which includes guilting him into working for Tillman for all of eternity. Seeing this intimate (and dare we say friendly?) side of the folk rock singer-songwriter and his bond with Spencer is so endearing to the point where it's okay if the human race is meaningless and we're all just selfish, iPhone-obsessed, Earth ruiners - because at least this friendship exists. This is the type of content we're looking for.

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