A Car Seat Headrest x Smash Mouth Collab Might Actually Be a Thing
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    If there was anything 2016 taught us, it's that no matter how utterly unlikely it may be, the impossible can become reality. Frank Ocean gave us not one, but two albums worth of music, the Cubs won the World Series after 109 years of trying, a delusional reality TV star with no political experience and the temper of a toddler with a God complex is now the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world...

    ...ANYWHO, it looks like the unthinkable may keep becoming the real deal in 2017, because we may or may not get a collaboration from Car Seat Headrest and Smash Mouth. Technically, it's all pretty up in the air, but the fact that it's even an idea that actually exists in the real world is already unexpected enough. The apparent bromance between hipsters' current favorite band and hipsters' current favorite band to enjoy ironically actually stems as far back as this summer, when Smash Mouth out-of-the-blue tweeted that Car Seat's "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" was one of the best songs of 2016. Car Seat happily accepted the compliment, and the two bands nerded out on choruses starting three minutes into a song for a little bit. The exchange was short and sweet, but it was enough for fans to lose their minds and urgently demand the bands to get their game on and go play some music together.

    Months after their initial conversation, a fan suggested on Twitter the two bands should do an EP where they cover their songs, and sure enough, they were both totally open to the idea. It doesn't make sense not to live for fun, after all, so why not shake things up with a covers EP? Fast-forward to now, Car Seat's Will Toledo went on Australian radio station Triple J and spoke a little bit about the potentially greatest album we probably don't need. At the moment, Toledo admits any kind of planning "remains on a mysterious front," but he isn't ruling anything out yet:

    We're hoping that something will happen with that in the future, but really, we don't know what right now. But if nothing else, we'll probably cover a few of their songs. I grew up obviously knowing their hits, and I have been listening a lot to Astro Lounge, and I still think it's a great record. The songs really hold up as pop songs.

    It's hard to say if Car Seat and Smash Mouth will make this long-form Twitter joke a full-on release, but as a wise man once said, "You'll never know if you don't go, you'll never shine if you don't glow." Be the all-star you were always meant to be, Toledo. Make this record happen.


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