Know Who's Next: The Marital Pop Charms Of Us The Duo
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Michael and Carissa Alvarado of Us The Duo had a rather unorthodox and unprecedented beginning to their musical career prior to being picked up by Republic Records. After getting married in 2012, The Duo actually garnered fame through frequenting Vine, which they used to upload six-second snippets of both contemporary pop hits including Pharell Williams as well as a few 80s covers. While it's hard to imagine an independent musician garnering the attention that Us The Duo did with an exclusive Vine presence, after watching a compilation of their covers it's clear to listeners that the Alvarados only needed six seconds to showcase their vocal capacities and harmonies which often do not ask for much more accompaniment than a sole guitar or piano.

    Since recording their own original music, Us The Duo have not abandoned their vocally-driven style, and their original songs have the romantic qualities that can be experienced through the harmonies and chemistry as musicians without even hearing the lyrics. The Alvarados have an authenticity behind their work which truly shows in both the way they look at each other while performing and in their love songs. Songs like "No Matter Where You Are," which was written in place of the Alvarados' wedding vows and performed for the first time at their wedding, signifies the way their relationship lives through their music.

    Beyond the duo's abilities to harmonize at the forefront of each of their songs, Michael Alvarado's guitar and piano style embellishes each of their songs, as can be heard in Us The Duo's "Falling in Love," in which he adds classical Spanish guitar styles into a Waltz beat, or in songs like "I Will Wait For You," which incorporate the fast-paced upward strumming style brought to popularity in folk pop by bands like Mumford and Sons.

    In both their Vines as well as in frequent studio sessions, Us The Duo continues to cover music. With their covers, they have the musical and creative ability to reimagine virtually any song and make it their own. In their live presence, the duo has an incredibly refined sound, reinventing songs like "Titanium" by David Guetta and "Don't You Worry Child" by the Swedish House Mafia with a mellowed-out, resonant, yet uplifting blues and folk style. Beyond covering pop hits, the Alvarados have even expanded their horizons to crowd-favorite television theme songs from the 90's.

    In both their covers and original music, Us The Duo distinguish themselves in a style that is peppy and light-hearted; they have a way of making the traditional sentiments of love songs refreshing and vibrant.

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