angus and julia stone top more aussie charts
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    In a Starbucks the other day, hearing brother-sister combo Angus and Julia Stone threw me off a bit. The rather distinct warble of Julia resembles the quixotic timbre of Joanna Newsom (my first guess on the "who is it?" game), but the band's distinctly structured pop novella flows a bit more traditionally than Ms. Newsom's cries for indie glory. The juxtaposition of the two, the chic voice (Angus has some chops as well) and the steady part-writing, makes for a truly unique hit-making machine. So it wasn't much of a surprise to discover the siblings sitting pretty atop Triple J Radio's Hottest 100 this morning. And Twitter has had many, many things to say about it; it was a trending topic earlier today.

    Trending or not, for or against, it's hard to deny our Angus and Julia set from Rockwood Music Hall is pretty hard evidence for the talent of the two. Before you try and down this big jet plane (pun intended), take a ride on it. Free drinks! The seats recline!

    Down The Way, their self-produced sophomore record, is out now. Wary of imports? It tastes better than Vegemite, we promise.

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    Concert: Angus and Julia Stone at Rockwood Music Hall
    Angus and Julia Stone on Myspace

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